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About Yuan Longping

About LPHT

Yuan Longping, born in Beijing in 1930, now lives in Changsha of Hunan Province, an Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the founder of hybrid rice, known as the “father of hybrid rice”. 
Academician Yuan took the lead to carry out rice heterosis application research in our country, published the famous paper Male Sterility in Rice in 1966, achieved the matching “three lines” of sterile lines, maintainer lines and restorer lines of hybrid rice in 1973, cultivated the world’s first hybrid rice variety “Nan You No.2”, obtained success in “two-line method” hybrid rice research under the charge of him in 1995, launched and led the research of “super hybrid rice” in 1999, and realized the research goal with yield per mu exceeding 1,000 kg in 2015. 
“  Develop hybrid rice to benefit people of the world” is a lifelong pursuit dream of Academician Yuan. Since the hybrid rice of China went abroad for the first time in 1979, it has been studied and promoted in more than 80 countries and regions in the world, and it has made a significant contribution to food security of the world. 

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Company Profile


Arising from the great dream of Academician Yuan Longping, Yuan Long Ping High-Tech Agriculture Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Long Ping High-Tech”) was officially established in Changsha, Hunan Province in 1999, and Academician Yuan undertook honorary chairman of the company. Under the guidance of the spirit of Academician Yuan, Long Ping High-Tech has inherited dream, adhered to innovation and developed rapidly, and it has been ranked the first in “Chinese seed industry credit star enterprises” for many years, known as “the first brand in Chinese seed industry”.

As a high-tech modern seed industry group, the development direction of Long Ping High-Tech highly accords with the national development strategy of “emphasize agriculture and consolidate foundation”; the company takes “promote the progress of seed industry to benefit people of the world” as the mission, takes “an excellent seed industry company in the world, which devotes to providing clients with comprehensive agricultural service solutions” as the corporate vision, and is committed to making unremitting efforts for the dream of Chinese seed industry rising in the world.

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