President of Nepal expressed the expectation of promoting Chinese hybrid rice

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On January 19, a celebration named “Happy Chinese New Year” was held by the Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office, Embassy of China to Nepal. That day, President of Nepal Bidhya Devi Bhandari and people from all social sectors celebrated China’s most important traditional festival——Spring Festival, together with Chinese enterprises in Nepal. At the reception, Yu Hong (Ambassador of China to Nepal) introduced the agricultural technology cooperation project implemented in Nepal with the aid of LPHT, as priority.


Yu Hong introduced "Longping rice" to President of Nepal Bidhya Devi Bhandari

After watching the artistic performances, Bidhya, in the company of Yu Hong, interestedly visited the area that exhibited the projects implemented by China for aiding Nepal. When Bidhya came up to the display panel of LPHT’s project, Yu introduced: “This year, hybrid rice varieties from China have been experimentally planted in 3 places of Nepal, all performing excellently. Compared to local varieties, they made significant effects of yield increase. Their unit yield is as high as 6.8-8.7t/ha.” Bidhya was excited about Yu’s introduction, and said when pointing to the rice photo on the display panel: “The rice looks obviously different from our varieties. With long and wide tassels and many grains, its yield is definitely high. Due to low rice yield, our country suffers grain shortage, and has to rely on grain import. Given this, we must increase the grain yield by vigorously promoting hybrid rice varieties from China and furthering the development of hybrid rice technology in Nepal, for the purpose of grain self-sufficiency.”

Last February, on behalf of China, LPHT started to carry out China-Nepal Agriculture Cooperation Project on commission of the Ministry of Commerce. The agricultural technology cooperation project (phase 1) is an economic and technical cooperation project for which the governments of the two countries signed a contract. It refers to assigning 5 senior agricultural technology experts and 1 interpreter to study the selection of new hybrid rice and corn varieties and seed production in Nepal, and training Nepali agricultural managers and technicians, from February 2016 to February 2019. Every year, 30 Nepali agricultural technology managers will be invited to China for technical exchange and training. By this, the comprehensive strength of Nepal’s agriculture will be enhanced, and the friendship between the two countries will be deepened. In the past year, the plantation of “Longping Rice” in Nepal has made achievements.Yu Hong introduced “Longping rice” to President of Nepal Bidhya Devi Bhandari

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