CPPCC member Wu Yueshi: the role of market should be given play to in new peasant training

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CPPCC member and Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of LPHT Wu Yueshi suggested that the forms of trainers should be innovated to build a new-type professional peasant training system that features government-university-enterprise cooperation.

According to Wu’s suggestion, the government should play the roles of policy-based guidance, organizational guarantee and subsidization; agricultural colleges, agricultural universities and the branches of the Central Agricultural Radio and Television School should play the roles of financing, teachers integration, curriculum provision and teaching organizing; leading agricultural enterprises should play the roles of guidance for business startup, technical support, product guarantee and guidance for actual production and management, help the government resolve the problems arising in organizing new-type professional peasant trainings, and boost new-type professional peasants’ operating capacity, level of systematization, management and management effectiveness. In addition, full play should be given to market mechanisms, so as to impel new-type professional peasant trainings to be oriented to and integrated into agriculture and serve agriculture.

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