Start a new journey, write a new chapter: Longping University established

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On the morning of January 17, LPHT held the opening ceremony of Longping University in Changsha. The opening of Longping University represented a new milestone and page of LPHT’s agricultural service and agricultural talent training.

Yan Ning (Director of Strategy and Planning Department of CITIC) was present and gave instructions. Executive Vice Chairman of the Board Wu Yueshi, Vice Chairman of the Board Yuan Dingjiang, President Liao Cuimeng as well as key personnel of the HQ’s departments and the branches and subsidiaries also attended the ceremony which was presided over by Executive Vice President Peng Guangjian.

President Liao Cuimeng read out the document on establishing Longping University and appointing the board of directors, university committee and executives.

At the ceremony, Executive Vice Chairman of the Board Wu Yueshi made an important speech to indicate that the establishment is necessary for the strategic development of LPHT. According to him, a favorable, integrated eco-environment will be created in Longping University by systemically training the staff and customers and improving the systemic capability.  

On behalf of CITIC, Yan Ning (Director of Strategy and Planning Department of CITIC) extended congratulations on the establishment, and expressed earnest expectations on the development Longping University.
After the Company issued the document on setting up a preparation workgroup for the establishment in April 2016, upon near 1 year of exploration and test run, the strategic development direction and concept of Longping University have been made clear under the high attention and support of leaders of different levels. In addition, the explorations for resource integration, organization streamlining, innovative training modes, innovative service modes and standardization system development have been recognized by all social sectors.


Following the ceremony, the Company organized 2017’s first session of high-end management talent training on the topic of “development and implementation of corporate internationalization strategy”.

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