Return to zero and keep learning: LPHT’s annual conference 2016 held

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On January 17, LPHT’s annual conference themed by “invest RMB 77 million for win in 2017” was grandly held at Changsha Longhua International Hotel. Yuan Longping (Academician of CAE) and Yan Ning (Director of Strategy Department of CITIC) attended the conference. All the executives of LPHT, representatives from the branches and subsidiaries, the directors of the HQ’s functional departments and all the staff of the HQ happily gathered at the conference to celebrate the notable achievements and look into the bright future.

Yuan Longping attended the annual conference

The annual conference consisted of 3 parts: summary meeting, get-together, and banquet. Its inauguration was in the form that all the participants watched a VCR on the development of the Company in 2016.
President Liao Cuimeng gave a report titled “Seize Opportunities and Accelerate the Development towards the Goal of Being a World-class Seed Company”. He summarized the development of the Company in 2016 from the perspectives of corporate business development, implementation of strategies, promotion of cultural system, R & D strength, quality of primary business, collaborative marketing, mode innovation, agricultural service, international business, information-based construction and management improvement, and spoke highly of LPHT’s staff hard work over 2016. 2017 is a gold year full of opportunities for the development of hybrid rice, and the Company is faced with more opportunities than challenges on the whole, Liao said when looking into 2017. “Based on the goal of 2017 and the 13th Five-Year Plan, we should implement the strategies all around and actively practice the Longping Culture. All the targets of 2017 should be hit through focused planning, enhanced management, opportunity seizing, development promoting, cost control and strategic layout of international market.”

President Liao Cuimeng gave a work report

Executive President Zhang Xiukuan read out the Decision on Commending the Advanced Collectives and Individuals of 2016, followed by prize presentation by the leaders present and speech making by the representatives of the advanced collectives and individuals.

Director of Strategy Department of CITIC Yan Ning presented the First Prize for Advanced Unit of the Year

Executive Vice Chairman of the Board Wu Yueshi presented prizes to "Annual Stars of LPHT"

Executive President Zhang Xiukuan and Executive Vice President Peng Guangjian presented prizes to the winners of "Prize for Contributors to Special Projects"

In his speech, Executive Vice Chairman of the Board Wu Yueshi expressed sincere thanks to the whole of LPHT’s staff for their contributions for the development of the Company in 2016. “The thanks must be expressed. Just now, we commended the advanced collectives and individuals. Indeed, the development of the Company was, is and will be attributed to the efforts made by them as well as the whole of LPHT’s citizens.” As regards the future of the Company, Wu emphasized: “Although LPHT was ranked 1st among the key enterprises of the seed industry for the 3rd time by the China National Seed Association in 2016, there’s a big gap between the Company and the world’s leading enterprises. From this year, we should ‘write off’ the honors and achievements, and set off again on the basis of our strategies and culture. Only through repeated ‘write off’ and learning, we can realize the dream of being a world-class seed company.”
In his speech, Yan Ning (Director of Strategy Department of CITIC) briefly introduced the profile and history of CITIC, and mentioned the process that CITIC became the host of LPHT, affectionately. Each participation in LPHT’s meeting is a very important learning process for him, and the tie between CITIC and LPHT is destined, because both “we are both the undertakers of the mission of transforming and upgrading China’s agriculture”, he said. “LPHT has been an important member of CITIC’s family and a representative of advanced productive forces. We’re supremely proud of this.” In the end of his speech, Yan passionately wished the whole of LPHT’s citizens for newly creating brilliant achievements under the leadership of the board of directors.

Executives made speeches for celebrating the Spring Festival

At the annual meeting, colorful performances were put on, including humorous bamboo clappers and sexy modern dances. They demonstrated the enterprising spirit of LPHT’s citizens, and constituted a wonderful high-quality evening party for all the staff. In addition, the performances put on and speeches made by the units alternated with breath-taking award-winning quizzes on corporate culture and 8 rounds of lucky draws in cash, which motivated all the participants’ enthusiasm. The annual conference came to a happy ending in a hilarious, warm atmosphere highlighted by the lingering songs and dances.
Time of gathering is always short. In the end of the annual conference, the participants drank a toast with unwillingness to leave. Goodbye, 2016. The achievements and honors of the busy year have been a past. Hello, 2017. We will write a new chapter of LPHT in the fire-new year. We hope that the Company can set new records in management improvement, overseas development, R & D, branding and development of corporate culture in 2017.Yuan Longping attended the annual conference Yuan Longping attended the annual conferenceExecutive

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