Longping High-Tech changing Logo, internationalization of brand image to be speeded up

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On the 28th August, Longping High-Tech announced launch of its new logo following completion of the research and development building.

The research and development building of Longping High-Tech occupies 26.3 Mu of land covering gross floor area of 55,400m2, being located within the science and technology park of Longping High-Tech, which is called Chinese Seed Silicon Valley.

According to information, Longping High-Tech has so far established hybrid rice industrialization companies respectively in Philippines, India and Indonesia while having also acquired a top 3 corn seed company in Brazilian market. In the years ahead, Longping High-Tech plans to speed up its global deployment towards the objective of becoming a top 5 global seed company.

The launch of the research and development building and the release of the new logo indicates a new beginning of acceleration of technical innovation and internationalization of brand image. The new logo uses the words of “LONGPING” and “隆平高科” in both Chinese and English, which carries the essence and brand image of an agricultural high-tech company founded primarily by Yuan Longping, the Father of Hybrid Rice, as named in the name of Yuan Longping.

The new logo has a very eye-catching international visual style. It uses simple Chinese and English words as basics, the letter L and P is rendered upward to show the never-ending innovative spirit of the company. Meanwhile the new logo uses two cross ellipses to make a visual presentation, where the left-side blue color ellipse represents technology and innovation and the right-side gold color ellipse represents sunshine and harvesting while the cross connection section forms a seed. The whole design presents a crop growth form and a “loving heart” form, which represent Longping High-Tech’s mission and spirit of “driving seed development to the benefit of peoples all over the world”. The main color of the new logo is designed to be a green and blue mixed secondary color, which symbolizes an integration between green agriculture and biotechnology.

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