21 bases of LPHT approved in the new-type professional peasant training base library of MOA

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Lately, the application for establishing new-type professional peasant training bases by LPHT’s Longping University and Industry Management Department has achieved initial success. In detail, the applications filed by the branches and subsidiaries for establishing training bases have passed the reviews organized by local agricultural authorities; as of now, upon review, 21 bases of LPHT have been approved of being included in the Ministry of Agriculture’s new-type professional peasant training base library, which makes LPHT the unit with the most bases included in this library in the same batch in China.

In order to put into practice the central government’s arrangements for vigorously training new-type professional peasants, improve the quality of probation, training, start-up business incubation and follow-up service for new-type professional peasants, and promote infrastructure construction in new-type professional peasant training bases, the Ministry of Agriculture’s Technological Education Department called for base application all over the country on December 16, 2016. After receiving the documents concerned from the Ministry of Agriculture’s Technological Education Department, Longping University rapidly took actions to make plans and unified arrangements for base application together with LPHT’s Industry Management Department. The branches and subsidiaries also actively responded. In detail, by giving play to their respective advantages, Longping Seeds, Anhui Longping, AVA Seeds, Derit Seeds and Xiangyan Peppera Seed applied for establishing different types of bases (e.g. breeding, seed production and high-yield crop demonstration). Upon near 1 month of active tracking, partnering and supervision, the application team overcame the adverse factors like suspension during the Spring Festival and incompleteness of material, and fulfilled related tasks before the deadline established by the Ministry of Agriculture, making satisfactory effects in the application. 

Located in different parts of the country, the branches’ and subsidiaries’ training bases approved of being included in the library are the important platforms where LPHT will partner with more supporting government bodies and undertake new-type professional peasant trainings in the future. They are of strategic significance for LPHT’s branding, marketing and business development in the field of agricultural service.


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