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Start a New Journey with New Performance
——Comment on the spirits of Xi Jinping’s important speeches made at NPC & CPPCC 2017
Everything looks fresh and gay in spring.
NPC & CPPCC 2017 ended in a satisfactory way with all the agenda settled. In process of discussing the national affairs and cordially communicating with the representatives, General Secretary Xi Jinping made a range of important speeches, which makes the effects of thinking unifying, encouragement and direction defining.
Spring is the best time to do the year's work. The great event of spring sounded the bulge and aroused tremendous force for continued progress. Impelled by Xi’s sincere exhortation, the representatives and members went to different places to forge ahead and actively take actions with local cadres and masses, so as to motivate new momentums for reform, develop new concepts of transformation and upgrade and create an atmosphere of struggle. Attributed to their efforts, a more magnificent journey has been started.
New momentums:
Reform, opening-up, innovation and development need more active actions.
New creations and breakthroughs bring about new industries and momentums.
In order to keep making progress while maintaining stability in the new normal that features transformation of momentums and structural transformation and upgrade, China, being the world’s second largest economy, should seek new growth points and arouse new momentums for progress.
“Firmly adhere to new development concepts, deepen the reform and opening-up, take the lead in innovation-driven development”——this is a clear requirement expressed by Xi during the deliberation by Shanghai’s delegation at the 5th meeting of the 12th NPC. The requirement is not only an expectation for Shanghai, but also the strategic guidance for economic transformation and upgrade, quality improving and efficiency increasing all over the country.
Making new breakthroughs depends on the guiding effect of innovation
“General Secretary Xi Jinping expressed the requirement that new actions should be taken in the building of technological innovation center at NPC & CPPCC 2017. To our understanding, new actions should be incarnated as guiding achievements in basic and frontier research fields and significant breakthroughs in key technologies,” Zhu Zhiyuan (NPC representative, President of CAS Shanghai) said.
By gathering advantages in science and education, the research institutes affiliated to CAS and ShanghaiTech University launched the building of 4 large-scale scientific facilities (soft X-ray FEL customer installation, etc.) in 2016, thereby further increasing the capability of technological innovation.
“This year, backed by important infrastructure platforms, we will actively arrange and implement new frontier research projects in the competitive fields like life health, nano material and new energy,” Zhu said.
Attributed to the tremendous R & D strength in the field of life science, while the GDP growth rate was only 6.8%, Shanghai’s emerging industries (e.g. medical equipment) grew by a rate above 10% in 2016.
“At present, large-scale biomedicine enterprises of Shanghai are extending from pharmaceutical development to innovation of medical equipment, march into the ‘big health’ medical service industry from pharmaceutical manufacturing and circulation, and stride to “Internet+” from the traditional offline sales mode. As a result, the mode of health-centered technological innovation complex has emerged.” Guo Guangchang (CPPCC member, President of Fosun) suggested that technological innovation should play a role in the major fields of economy and society.
Deepening the reform and opening-up needs innovation of concepts.
“We should continue seeking vigor from innovation, and make institutional innovation as a strong impetus for reform.” The reform and opening-up should be deepened continuously through institutional innovation with attention paid to matching and combination of reform measures, and internationalized, market-oriented and legal business environments should be created in reference to international high standards, Niu Jing (Director of Hengqin Block Management Committee of China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone) said.
The FTZs of Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin and Fujian, being highlands of institutional innovation, covers only 0.05‰ of the territory area but share 1/10 in the total foreign investment attracted by China.
“Higher level of opening-up means higher capabilities of innovation and reform”. Du Benwei (NPC representative, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics) said: “General Secretary Xi Jinping sent an explicit signal indicating that China will firmly deepen the opening-up, at NPC & CPPCC 2017. The clear attitude towards and policy arrangement for deepening the opening-up will bring more fresh air and impetuses to the reform. The force of opening-up will promote the growth of internal impetuses.”
New concept:
To promote the supply-side structural reform, more reasonable actions should be taken.
“The General Secretary figured out that the supply-side structural reform is the only way of revitalizing Liaoning. This made clear the development direction for Angang.” Soon after returning to Anshan from Beijing, Tang Fuping (NPC representative, President of Angang) called together the standing members of the Party committee of Angang to hold an enlarged meeting in the morning of March 16. At the meeting, 18 tasks were assigned to implement the spirits of Xi’s important speeches. A large part of them are associated with the supply-side structural reform.
Critical to the transformation, upgrade, acceleration and quality improving of Chinese economy, the supply-side structural reform is one of the significant initiatives emphasized most frequently by Xi with most requirements expressed at NPC & CPPCC 2017.
“This year, we will further promote the optimization and upgrade of industrial structure. The primary business, steel making, will be refined and optimized by minimizing crude and primary products. In the meantime, continued efforts will be made to weed out corporate zombies,” Tang Fuping introduced.
Enduring labor pains is inevitable before rebirth. “Vacating cage to change bird” is the premise of high reserve strength.
The supply-side structural reform is necessary for industrial transformation and upgrade, formation of industrial system with persistent competitiveness and supporting power, as well as revitalization of the old industrial base of northeast China.
The supply-side structural reform is necessary for transformation and upgrade of manufacturing and product quality improving.
The supply-side structural reform is also necessary for developing modern agriculture and fostering and strengthening special industries.
In the season for spring ploughing, people are busy picking asparaguses in Luhu Reed Farm of Hunan’s Yuanjiang, which is located in the hinterland of Dongting Lake.
By making use of the advantageous resource——wild asparagus, Yuanjiang has developed a range of eco-foods, such as chilled fresh asparagus, instant asparagus, asparagus beverage, asparagus noodles and asparagus biscuit. Depending on the extension of industry chain, the traditional asparagus industry has been pulled through, reflected by profits of enterprises and employment of peasants around.
The agricultural supply-side structural reform is critical to meeting people’s demands for safe, green and healthy food, as well as realizing agricultural modernization and continuously increasing peasants’ income.
“General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized deepening the agricultural supply-side structural reform and faster fostering new impetuses for agricultural rural development NPC & CPPCC 2017. The far-sighted emphasis to the point is very instructive for developing modern agriculture.” Wu Yueshi (CPPCC member, Executive Vice President of LPHT) said: “Demand is ever-lasting. What matters is more accurate supply.”
New initiative:
More down-to-earth actions are necessary for success of poverty alleviation.
Huang Xiaojun, who is 34 years old, once served in the army as a frontier guard. He got involved in the disaster relief following the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008. Now, he’s a bellwether on the battlefield of poverty alleviation.
As the “first secretary” of Jintu Village, Juguang Town, Qu County, Sichuan, Huang rushes about among fields all day long to lead impoverished villagers to overcome poverty and prosper by all means. Under his leadership, 2 small reservoirs equipped with irrigation ditches have been built up to resolve the irrigation problem for more than 300 households, and in particular, some villagers have launched agritourism projects on the basis of the reservoirs; an investment of RMB 20 million has been introduced to build a 1,000mu modern orchard.
“We should take accurate measures and work carefully in line with the General Secretary’s instruction for poverty alleviation. Poverty relief policies should be made by analyzing the cause of poverty household by household, so that success can be made on the battlefield of poverty alleviation,” Huang said.
Lately, Jiangxi’s Jinggangshan, a sacred place for the revolution, took the lead to complete poverty alleviation after the central government established the poverty withdrawal mechanism.
Hu Shizhong (CPC representative, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Ji’an) said: “We should consolidate the effects of poverty alleviation, practically alleviate poverty and prevent re-poverty in line with the General Secretary’s requirement ‘preventing re-poverty is as important as continued poverty alleviation’”.
By further promoting poverty alleviation in a development-based, guarantee-based, healthy way, vigorously pushing forward the 10 poverty relief projects (industry-based poverty relief, employment-based poverty relief, relocation-based poverty relief, etc.) and building poverty alleviation partnership between Party members/cadres and impoverished people, Jinggang is struggling to prosper all around through more down-to-earth work from a new start point.
“Just as said by the General Secretary, poverty relief is an embroidery-like task needing overall layout and detailed planning.” Mo Huaixue (Director of Organization Department of Dazhou, Sichuan) told the reporter: “To put into practice the General Secretary’s requirements, the organization department should practically assign responsibilities, take accurate measures, carefully select cadres to be stationed in villages, integrate agriculture-related funds, and continuously improve the modes of mobilization and aid for poverty alleviation.”
——Strengthen the awareness of planning as a whole, properly handle the point-face, present-long term, material-spirit and transfusion-hemopoiesis relations;
——Properly control and use poverty relief funds, practically fulfill the tasks of housing construction, infrastructure construction, industrial development, employment, income increasing, education, medical care, targeted issuing of subsistence allowance and poverty relief;
——Foster new ethos and healthy atmosphere, drive more common people to diligently create happy life ……
The spirits of Xi Jinping’s important speeches made at NPC & CPPCC 2017 are being put into practice. In old revolutionary base areas, poverty-stricken mountainous areas, regions of Loess Plateau, border areas and minority nationality regions, Party members and cadres are devoting every effort to achieving the “two century goals” and realizing the dream of the rejuvenation of China, with greater enthusiasm and more effective measures.
 (Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 21-reporters: Luo Yufan, Zhu Jichai; interviewers and writers: Zhang Feifei, He Xinrong, Ye Jianping, Wang Bingkun, Laixing, Zhou Nan, Wu Wenxu)

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