Vice Governor of Hunan Province Dai Daojin inspected the development of modern agriculture in LPHT

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On March 29, 2017, a team led by Dai Daojin (Vice Governor of Hunan Province) came to LPHT to inspect the development of modern agriculture. Instead of entering the meeting room, Dai conducted the inspection and survey by directly going deep into the fields in Guanshan R & D Base. Executive Vice Chairman of the Board Wu Yueshi led the operation team to receive them in the whole process, while President Liao Cuimeng introduced LPHT’s R & D, production, processing, storage and marketing service systems, as well as the present situation of international market development, exchange and training, in detail. In addition, the specific problems encountered during the development of the Company and the measures developed against them were reported to Dai.

Braving the spring drizzling, Dai’s team walked and listened in high spirits, and spoke highly of the achievements made by the Company during the development of China’s seed industry. LPHT’s actions of commercialized breeding system development and breeding-propagation-promotion integration have effectively satisfied peasants’ urgent demands; the Company’s successful experience is worth summarizing and studying, and should be promoted into the building of seed industry, Dai said. Furthermore, he encouraged LPHT to foster new-type professional peasants perfect at a skill, expert in one thing and good at many from the prospective of peasants’ fundamental interests, and make continued efforts to deepen the agricultural supply-side reform with focus on the “Three Rural Issues”.

The inspection and survey fully demonstrated the provincial Party committee’s and government’s care and support for the development of Hunan’s seed industry; it is believed that attributed to the high attention paid by leaders of different levels and strong support of competent departments, LPHT will definitely make greater breakthroughs in fulfilling various tasks, Wu said.

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